Tips on how to create solid emails

Here are 5 emailing tips to help you prospect through email.
* Be personal.
* Keep in short to allow for faster responses. (a long email allows the reader to think about their response which creates a longer time gap for a return email, you want them to reply based on instinct not from thought.
* Appeal to their goals.
* Compliments.
* Clean and strong content. (This should be provided in at least the second email)
* Using Social media common friends.
1) Be personal, if you do not know the name of the person do not do a general reachout, check whois for contact info, Linked, FB etc and get your clients name.
2) NO ONE ,NO ONE, wants to read though a ton of content in an email, people are busy and just want the details of what the email is about.
3) Do not send links in the first email, sending signup links is a bad idea, this should come after the the start of communication and your relationship starts to build, you are always narrowing in on the point of what we do but not being forceful and just focusing on ourselves. We need to show that we are focused on the Affiliate/Publisher user , reader etc..
4) Always start off with a compliment to that person, people love compliments, it’s human nature, compliment them and their product or content make it personal this will engage the reader and keep their attention.
Hey Bill,
I would like to congratulate you you on the launch of your new company mr weed wacker, I checked out your posts and found your content to be really useful. 
Hey Bill,
Great post the other day in the Facebook, I found your content helpful, I would like to touch base with you to learn about your great new product XXXXX 
5) Use proper spacing and make your email avg max from 7- 10 sentences.
6) Use your FB or Linked account to find mutual friends and mention them in your email, “hey I see your also friends with “Jen” or “Mike”
These are just 5 tips to help you prospect through email, alot of these concepts should also be used via tel, and IM, think about it like this, if you were being sold by someone what would you want?

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