Making $$$$ with Sweepstakes Offers


Along with antivirus offers, sweepstakes and voucher offers are also some

of favorite types of offers to promote, as there are many different angles you can experiment

Below are just a few great techniques that I use when promoting sweepstakes and voucher offers that a few of you struggling with these type of offers might find useful.
The types of landing pages I have had the best results with are ones that require the visitor to complete a quiz or a short survey, normally no more than three questions.
I’ve seen click-through rates as high as 35% using quiz or survey style landing pages with great conversion rates on the backend.
Using familiar color themes on your landing pages with layouts taken from popular websites and apps, such as Facebook, Google play and so on to instill a sense of familiarity in your visitors
can work very well in boosting conversion and click through rates.
Calling out the user’s carrier or device model will make your sweeps landing page and message seem more authentic. You want your visitors thinking
“Wow. I am from London, using a Galaxy S5 and I’m with T-Mobile so I must be today’s lucky winner!”
Create a sense of urgency in order to get your visitor to take action straight away, for instance: “If you don’t enter your details on the next page in 2 minutes we’ll have to give your iPhone 6
prize to another visitor” All this can sky rocket your ROI when promoting mobile sweepstakes offers.

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