My name is Owen Rupchand, I would like to welcome you to my personal blog. I decided to create this personal blog to voice my opinion on various topics. I have been in Affiliate Marketing
for over 8 years and have learnt a lot about the online marketing industry, some good, some bad, from simple banner ads, text link ads, to Mobile App installs, The monetization process,
the hardships of cashflow, the greed from Advertisers, what pubs want, etc.

Although this blog is mainly about Affiliate Marketing, (Online Advertising) which I have a strong passion for, I don’t want it it be limited, I am also passionate about Music, Sports,
Technology, Animals and various other topics which you will come to learn as long as you keep reading my posts…lol

A little about myself, before getting into Affiliate Marketing I was a Toronto Dj with a strong passion for music, I later became a promoter, then owned my own promotion company
throwing some of the best club events to date. Worked with some of the worlds best Dj’s producers and composers.

I started off working in Affiliate Marketing in 2006 for a Performance Based Ad Network in Toronto Canada. At that time their were not alot of Ad Networks based of of Toronto
and the concept of Affiliate Marketing was not well known to the public. ( still is not…lol) I started off as An Affiliate Manager and fell in love with the entire industry. A few months later I was
the Network Director and the company was growing rapidly.

In 2012 I went off and did some consulting work for a couple of Networks helping to rebrand and create brand awareness. I later decided that I wanted to start my own Network
(Super Affiliate Media) the company grew very quickly and It was acquired for our proprietary platform by a Toronto based print company.

In 2013 I found myself at another Ad Network (Content Locking) as the COO of the company and helped that Network scale to one of the largest content locking networks worldwide.

I still found myself yearning to start another Network that I could again scale, so I founded Mobihype an App install Network, since I had previous experience with app installs
and I believed this was the way of the future for online Advertising with the rapid growth of mobile devices and the usage by the consumer, I wanted to create an Ad Network that would cater
to only Android and iOS app installs moving toward scaling in app purchases for developers, while creating a strong ROI for Affiliates and Advertisers. while everyone is falling over heels
for Mobile and thinking outside of the box, I found the box was quickly being emptied out and the need for web ads was still in play.

The company then merged with a partner of mine who will remain silent and Netiquette Ads was created, which is now the hub for Web, Mobile, App install ads and distribution on
a performance basis through it’s Network of Affiliates and through our own proprietary tracking platform which also hubs our programmatic RTB DSP ( Demand Side Platform).

So you can say that I have a strong passion for a few things, but my heart lays with start ups and building brands and businesses that can have longevity in a industry that is rapidly

I believe that everyone should follow their passion, enjoy love what you do, put in the time and effort and success will follow, as the old saying goes
“don’t chase the money chase the dream”

To all my readers and followers, my goal is to create content that I hope you will find useful and that can be used for your passion to create your dreams. Of course some rambling posts
as well…lol